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Healthy living lifestyle can be scary for several reasons when considering the cost, time and efforts it requires to substituting healthy habits for unhealthy lifestyle and
accepting the fact that healthy eating habit will rewards you with more stamina, good quality life and above all, a better you are a challenge for many skeptics

Let face it; Our traditional eating habit is like an old dragon bad about squeezing the very life out of us because of our deep roots connection. It teaches us to eat without jurisdictions, anything goes as long as it tastes good. Traditional or culturally enacted foods passed unto us by our parents, don’t get me wrong, these foods are palatable and delicious indeed to get us hook for our entire life.

Our tendency is to believe that diseases would not find its way into our body because of our religious beliefs, and that basic hygiene is enough to sustain a good living. Unfortunately, that is not the truth, we are what we eat!

Unhealthy eating habits are very easy to developed and get hooks on. The harmful side effect of unhealthy foods is known for its high volume of fats cholesterols dangerous enough to gradually destroy our own immune system.

Healthy Living lifestyle is a way forward. Solid diet and right nutrition will regulate our blood sugar, balance our hormones and maximize our energy.

Worried about your cholesterol?

Three ounces of baked or broiled shrimp provides about 20 grams of protein, just a few grams less than that a 3-ounce chicken breast. Each jumbo shrimp provides about 3 grams, and contains very little fat and carbohydrate. Yes, they're high in
cholesterol, but... There are two kinds of cholesterol. The first is called dietary cholesterol, which is the cholesterol found in foods. Only foods from animals contain cholesterol, because the animals’ bodies produced it. The second kind of cholesterol is blood or serum cholesterol: this is the cholesterol inside of your
body. Blood cholesterol is produced by your liver and released into your bloodstream.

Body Soul and Mind

Pure Body” Healthy Living Café and Restaurant. an invaluable investment for the important choice of experiencing a healthy lifestyle. At Pure Body, we understand the need for you to be sound physically, mentally and other aspect required for optimum performance on your everyday engagement. It is reported that more than 70 percent of health care spending goes into handling chronic illnesses that are caused by poor food choices. So it is important to make the right choice concerning what you eat. At Pure Body, we are committed to providing you the necessary tips you need to keep your Body, Mind and Sprit healthy. it’s your body, it’s your temple

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Pure Body Healthy Food

Healthy Living lifestyle is a way forward. Solid diet and right nutrition will regulate our blood sugar, balance our hormones and maximize our energy.

Pure Body Smoothie

Pure Body Smoothies provides more than 100% of your daily values of vitamins A (as beta-carotene) and vitamin C. Excellent source for calcium, iron. magnesium,  and more.


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